Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Non-Conforming Space

The photograph to the right shows another non-conforming parking space.   Previously, this restaurant did not have any accessible parking and then one day this accessible space appeared.  I suspect they have been   It’s obvious from looking at the parking space that someone with no knowledge of the ADA made the improvements. 
involved in an ADA lawsuit.
For starters, while you can certainly see the sign at the head of the space, it’s not reflectorized as required in by the ADA.   In addition, the image of an occupant in a wheel chair is facing the wrong direction.  The good news here is that the sign is required to be a certain minimum size and the sign on the wall far exceeds the minimum size requirements.   There are also other signs that should be included on the wall that are missing.

In regards to the parking space there are also numerous violations.   While the size of the parking stall is in question, there is no question that the aisle is not the proper size for a van accessible space and the aisle is on the wrong side of the space.   Additionally, the emblem of an occupant in a wheel chair is facing the wrong direction and the aisle is missing the signage that should be painted within its boarder.

While it’s impressive the business owner made an attempt to conform to the ADA, its clear there is still no understanding as to the intent of the ADA.   As an example, having a parking stall and aisle that is non-conforming will not allow an accessible van to load and unload its occupant and therefore could be the subject of a lawsuit.

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