Friday, December 6, 2013

Where Is The Accessible Parking?

 The picture above shows another example of a poorly maintained accessible parking space.   Simply putting a sign in front of a parking space does not make it qualify as an accessible parking space.  As you can see from the photograph, there are no markings on the pavement as required indicating the accessible space or the accessible aisle.   In addition, the sign that is visible seems to be acceptable, however, there are other required signs that are more than likely missing or covered by the landscaping.   This attempt at an accessible space is a red flag for any serial plaintiff driving by looking for easy money.

Another issue that keeps coming up more and more are people parking in the accessible aisle adjacent to an accessible parking space as you can see in the photograph above.   I see this quite often now days and I have even seen it happen while the car parked in the accessible parking space is occupied.  It’s not acceptable to parking in the accessible aisle for even one minute while you run into the store.   Aside from this being prohibited with the potential of receiving a ticket for several hundred dollars, this practice in many cases will make the accessible parking space useless for those with a disability that require the use of a special van and a special passenger side wheelchair ramp as they will not be able to exit/enter the vehicle.  It's best to just not park in the accessible aisle and allow those with disabilities the full use of the accessible parking.

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