Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Non-Conforming Parking Space

The photograph to the left is another example of a non-conforming accessible parking stall.   To the untrained eye, this accessible space probably seems to be acceptable, but a serial plaintiff driving by will see this accessible space as a good source of money………and they would be correct.

While everyone appreciates the building owner for making the effort, it really diminished the effort with its done incorrectly.   For starters, this is the only accessible space on the property and therefore its required to be a VAN accessible space.  In order to make the accessible space shown in the photograph a van accessible space, the aisle needs to be wider and more importantly, it needs to be located on the passenger side of the parking stall.   

Another violation is the ramp located in the space of the aisle.   There can be no ramps in the aisle and in fact, the parking space AND the aisle should be almost flat with just enough slope to provide for drainage. Instead of locating the ramp in the aisle, a curb ramp such as the one shown in the photograph at the right could be used.    If curb ramp does not work, then a standard ramp could also be used, as long as it’s separate from the accessible parking space or aisle.

Finally, there is no post or wall mounted signage for this parking space.   There should be an International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) along with other assorted signs mounted to the column or a post in front of the parking space.   It should also be noted that I have not measured the size of this parking space, but the overall size of the accessible space is also suspect.

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